DJ Khaled - WHERE YOU COME FROM (Official Video) ft. Buju Banton, Capleton, Bounty Killer

Official music video for DJ Khaled feat. Buju Banton, Capleton & Bounty Killer “WHERE YOU COME FROM” off his KHALED KHALED Album

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We The Best Murda
We di best
Another One (Ooh, fyah)
Don't need the rest (Ah, wah dem seh, wah dem seh, wah dem seh)
DJ Khaled

If unu mess with we, you a go see a million
We natty congo long, jus like the Amazon
Spliff big like gas cylinder, man a beat like gong
Dem seh, "Hey,"
One question "natty dreadlocks, a where you come from?''
Hammer beat, bwoy retreat wen him hear di ting slam
Dem sеh dreadlocks no play inna no bangarang
An anywhere wе go, we 'tan strong
Hear dat
Alright then (Cho, cho)

Nuh pass your place and nuh cross di line
An no ask me where me from, 'cause me no hard fi find
An di nation wi stand up at di cost fi mine
Right now me a go roll up another spliff, it jus pass me mind
Lowe the music, lowe the weed, a poverty cause the crime
Anytime you see the rastaman, no ask fi mine
Vampire dem a go inna mask fi mine
Seh dem hunting blood samples, hard fi find
This dem fi know (More fire)
Anyting you reap, a that you sow (Murda)
Hands haffi clean an your heart haffi pure
Light up di chalice from me tell dem to
Rastafari, ever safe an secure

Wen di thing dem a knock-knock, a no door
The forty cal, the forty-four go (Blap, blap)
Killer that step in so hot, me scorch the floor
Premier League, we have the Arsenal fi fight the revolutionary bakkle, 'cause only the bakkle dem fi pour
Di youths dem fi rich, equal rights empowerment
Tell dem fi leave the sun fi shine, or black rain will shower dem
Nuh mek we leggo sixty like di hour dem DJ Khaled, run out di coward dem
This is a warning like me pop it off and beat one
Food fi reach the people mouth an money fi a reach hand
Bad an brave, nuh tek no chat, Jamaica land me weed from
Shining like a beacon We The Best! You diss, yuh nah see me one Bullet!

Cho (My ganja man)

These streets are cold, you better bundle up
Don't know who to trust, most of dem corrupt
We look inside dem eyes and see the plan Bounty, Khaled, Buju, Capleton a step inna Mount Zion
These streets are cold, you better bundle up
Don't know who to trust, most of dem corrupt
We look inside dem eyes and see di plan (See di plan)
Unu did kno di opps would never stop mi nuh, big up
Load up another cup (More fire)
Load up another cup (Murda)
Huh, load up another cup (Blaze)
Well, my locs you can't touch
Wen Babylon me know sey you a bluff Load up another cup

(C) 2021 We The Best / Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment





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